About us

FOR-LES is a Russian company founded in 2017, mainly engaged in the import and resale of forestry vehicles and trailers to Russia. It is also possible to order all trailers and its accessories according to the customer's request.

Our goal is to provide companies who are involved in logging and timber transportation with high quality and lower cost trailers. The quality of the trailers is insured by using only premium Scandinavian steel: STRENX and HARDOX. While we offer trailers for a lower price, we still use much of the same equipment as our competitors. The axles are from BPW or SAF and electrical and braking systems are WABCO. The price however is several thousand euros cheaper!

FOR-LES employees have over 18 years of experience in forestry, helping in developing new solutions in cooperation with the partners for forestry trailers and superstructures.

Our partners are top specialists in their field, with over 20 years of experience in the trailer and superstructure production.

    Сергей Половка                               

тел: +7 930 1142773                          




Айвар Кеса

тел: + 7 921 0590061

+ 372  53002200





ИНН:  7606112594

КПП:   760601001

ОГРН: 1177627009625

yл.Полушкина Роща, д.9



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