FOR-LES bunks

FOR-LES has invented a solution for steel bunks, on fixing the load belt on logs and releasing it. The releaser rope is going through internally and is protected from random encounters with falling branches and other damages, so the releaser is also protected from opening randomly. This will also help You avoid any extra costs and weight from drilling holes to Your frame because the wench and releaser are allready attached to the bunk. Incase of an accident when the load has been flipped, this solution helps You secure Your load securely between Your bunks. For-Les bunks have been tested and own sertificates from licensed engineers


  • Maximum capacity 7 tons

  • External max. width is 2550 mm.

  • Internal max. width (up) without load is 2179 mm.

  • Internal max. width (down) is 2282 mm.

  • The height of the lower part of the bunk is 163 mm.

  • The height of the stake is 2600/3200 mm.

  • Weight is 135 kg, without fixings.

  • Hand wench is 5 kg.

  • Hand wench fixing is 5,05 kg.

  • Loadbelt releaser is 2,34 kg.

  • Loadbelt releaser fixing is 6,12 kg.

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