JW-Tec bunk fastenings

ECCO-resistance fastenings

These fastenings have been developed specifically, to move them manually on the subframe with the loader crane.

The fastenings can be used on all types of vehicles where the bunks are to be moved in the unloaded state on the frame.
The ECCO-resistance-fastenings are self-locking by spring force. A plastic plate is used for the ECCO-resistance-fastening.

ECCO-Quick fastenings

With ECCO quick fasteners, the bunk can be individually positioned on the frame, easily by a person, because it is easily slidable on the frame.

ECCO Fix-fastening

ECCO Fix-fastenings Are used when the bunks are usually positioned on the frame at the same place. The fix-fastenings are specially constructed for the ECCO Aluminum bunks. The fastening is carried out without drilling and without welding, completely independent of the frame width of the vehicle, by a total of 8 mandrels per bunk, which press into the flange profile of the aluminum bunk body, thereby fixing the bunk in width on the vehicle frame.
ECCO-Fix Standard = without plastic plate, fix-fastening in combination with resistance = with plastic plate. 
The height difference will be balanced with this plastic plate.

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