Exhibition „21 century logger, 2018“ in Arhangelsk, Russia.

On 8-11th August took place an exhibition in Arhangels, Russia called „XXI Century logger, 2018“. FOR-LES took part of the show, and acquired new knowledge and experiences from the Industry.

Agricultural Fair "Maamess 2018"


FOR-LES will be attending the Agricultural Fair "Maamess 2018" in Tartu, Estonia from 19-21 April with our Estonian partner company Fortruck Group OY.

We will be attending the fair with 2 of our (ROBINSON) trailers in cooperation with TMT Malinen Baltics. We will be showing the semi-trailer and turntable trailers. The bunks on the turntable trailer will be from TMT Malinen.

On our superstructure, that is currently being constructed, we will also be using Bunks, headboard and other details from TMT Malinen

Both of the trailers being showcased on the fair can be found on our homepage - turntable trailersemi-trailer.

We can be found on the lot vp-60, along with TMT Malinen and Scania across the way.

Visit us at Agricultural Fair "Maamess 2018" lot VP-60!

International forestry fair „Rossiiskii Les“

FOR-LES will be attending the international forestry fair „Rossiiskii Les“ in Vologda, the capital of Vologda province, Russia from 06 to 08 December.

We are showcasing 3 trailers specially developed for the Russian market, which we also intend to sell to Russia in the future. The trailers showcased in the „Rossiiskii Les“ forestry fair are 1 trailer and 2 semi-trailers from the manufacturer and our cooperation partner ROBINSON (Ireland). These trailers and more products can be found on our website.

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